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We back!!but this time we back with story which is we would like to share about health and fitness that include of raw food diet.For your information,the raw food diet is a diet based around food that can be eaten raw.The diet is predominantly based on vegetables,fruit and legumes.Raw food diets by nature also will include less trans fats and additives will be lower in saturated fat.

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Many benefit that we’ll get in using a raw food diet in our life which is,we can get higher energy level,improve skin appearance,weight lose,reduce risk of heart disease,diabetes,and cancer from attack our metabolisme.We also can get a nutrient by using raw food diet such as calcium,iron,B 12,protein and calories.

Types of raw foods diet include:-

#fresh fruits,vegetables,dried fruit





#unprocessed organic or natural foods

#freshly juiced fruit and vegetables

#young coconut water

By the way,the raw food diet may therefore not be appropriate for certain types of people such as younger children,pregnant women and people with anaemia.


Other than that,we would like to lend a little idea on how to lose weight.Firstly,you need to workout because exercising can release your sweat out from your body that contains acid.Next,you should eat more vegetables and fruits to added more vitamin for your body to stay healthy and can release sugar or unhealthy food.Try to eat less oil and drink a lot of mineral water.You also should eat according food pyramid for healthy lifestyle.In addition,keep yourself from eating food from restaurants cause they used a lot of oil to make delicious food for you but actually it killing you quietly from inside.As we know “prevention is better than cure”.

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That all from us today.See you soon with the new topic.Bubbye!!


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